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A New Zealand Forest Ranger in the Jungles

of Papua New Guinea

This book, Cannibals, Crocodiles and Cassowaries, is about Ross’s time in pre-independence Papua New Guinea and captures a particular time in history when real adventure was still possible, and a young man’s attitude made those adventures happen.

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An Accidental Bushman

The Making of a Forest Ranger

An Accidental Bushman sometimes reads like a hilarious instruction book of what not to do, with many of Ross’s ill-fated adventures stemming from what simply seems like a good idea at the time, like his disastrous introduction to boating with no experience, no safety gear, and ultimately no working engine!

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​In May 1973, fresh from the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Ross heads for the comparatively bright lights of Samarinda, Indonesian Borneo, to take on a new forestry role working on the Mahakam River.


Living and working in New Zealand in the 1980s isn’t much fun when there are leech-infested jungles somewhere out there to be explored and isolated tribespeople to befriend.

​In his fifth book, Ross emerges from the remote jungles of North Sumatra, Indonesia, to take up a Managing Director’s role in the bustling city-state of Singapore

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