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But That's What Elephants Are For!

In his fifth book, Ross emerges from the remote jungles of North Sumatra, Indonesia, to take up a Managing Director’s role in the bustling city-state of Singapore.

But prior to that, in 1984, when Ross receives an invitation to undertake a forestry consulting job in the secretive, closed country of Burma, he can’t turn it down. And it is here, in a perilous land split by militant factions and guerilla warfare, that Ross comes face to face with the beautiful and powerful Burmese timber elephants. It is fascination at first sight, and Ross regales his readers with wonderful stories of these enthralling creatures, both emanating from his own experiences and from those of the men who lovingly train and work with them. Ross’s Burma story is a unique insight into the fascinating life and work of the Burmese timber elephant and the mysterious teak forests where no foreigner has been permitted to venture since the British departed in 1948.

Fortunately, once Ross moves to Singapore in 1989, he’s not required to operate a desk full-time, and soon he’s off on business with his usual boundless energy to South Africa, Swaziland, Thailand, The Philippines, Japan, and many of his old haunts around Indonesia. He even manages to negotiate the red tape of communist China to achieve a three-week lecture tour in the Land of the Dragon, accompanied by government minders, and staying in guesthouses on communes where he gets to experience the dubious joys of Chinese haute cuisine. Snake soup is just the start of it!

Ross also fills his readers in on some of the adventures that happened between books. Join Ross as he snorkels among the eerie wrecks of Japanese WWII aircraft off the end of the Tarawa Airfield in Kiribati, and as he evades death around South-East Asia by plane, train, crocodile, and a Dayak uprising.

Settle in for more riveting and hilarious real-life yarns from the author of An Accidental Bushman; Cannibals, Crocodiles and Cassowaries; The River is my Highway; and Meanwhile, Back in the Jungle…:  


This latest collection of adventures won’t disappoint!

This book includes some 100 unique photographs from Ross’s vast collection, which richly illustrate his writing.

P Oxen hauling log to mill, Mandalay logpond, 1991 xx.jpg
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D dragging a log uphill, Sagaing 1984 xx.jpg
Evening on the Mandalay log pond. Irrawaddy River.19911.jpg
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